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Transitions-13- Mirror Landscapes

My tutor in the report for As. 4 suggested that I should explore more the mirrors approach in the work for As. 6. I had to buy a new mirror as the one I had in the photos I took in Pamplona is somewhere in the Spanish Rubbish 😛 (among other things I could not take with me back to Greece). Also, the new mirror I bought, is around twice the size of the size of the previous one (I noticed while working with the smaller one that it might help if the mirror is slightly bigger).

My tutor suggested and I agree that the photos where the mirror is not so obvious is the ones which work better. Finally, we discussed with my tutor that as I am not in Pamplona any more is not possible to take the photos in the same location as the one I took all the previous photos for As. 6. This is not great but we cannot do something for that and it is better to explore this project than not doing it due to relocation.

The new area I took the photos is the seaside in Poseidi, Chalkidiki, Greece.

It was not so easy to start and find a point of view. But I think I really like the final result. I try to create as series of similar style photos.

The photos are bellow.



As my tutor suggested in the previous report I tried to look a little closer and to unnoticed places. For me that was behind and below the benches. To be honest, I was a little surprised with some of the “stories” the rubbish were telling, especially in the unnoticed places. Another thing that I like is even not intentionally, the rubbish is telling a story also about the seasons change and how the time is passing, which is one of the things we should try to capture in this final assignment for the Landscape course. From the leaves we can tell that it is autumn. Also, sometimes the rubbish themselves telling the story of the time of the year we are. I mean in the summer there were more ice-cream related objects and in the winter we can find more objects like gloves and umbrellas (not yet in the park but I know from previous personal projects and observations). These photos were taken over two visits on the park. I have walked a couple more times but they were so many leaves around with so many destructions that it was not so easy to notice the rubbish.

Transitions-10: From Nothing to Something

In the previous report, my tutor suggested to post also in my blog how I am experimenting until I reach the final selected photos. I want in this post to share how most of the people will see an object- rubbish and how I will photograph it. It is my way of seeing the world around me. A photographic voice that is developed further during this course. Something I was not expecting when I started it.

Below you can see three examples of top views (most of passers-by will see) and then some more close up photos (this is how I visualise it when I pass by and then photographing it). I always like the feeling of the bokeh effect. This out of focus is not what we see around (unless we have problems with our eyes) it somehow separates the object- rubbish from the reality. It makes it special. From Nothing it becomes Something.

Transitions-9: expansion of the area

When I started the project, I only concentrated in the same place, taking photos under different conditions, every few days and during different times of the day. However, as the project evolves and after discussions with my tutor, I changed the type of the photos I am taking.

For this reason, I understood that I cannot limit myself in the initial small area (red area in image 1). I expand my area of taking photos to the blue area (image 1).But still I am in a really small area (red area image 2).

Images are from Google maps from Pamplona, Spain.

(this applies for images after Transition-5 post)

Image 1
Image 2

Transitions-8: Bath Ducks

Except taking photos of Rubbish another thing I wanted to explore is taking photos of the same object in different places. That can tell something for the locations and also has some elements of Landscape. Not as the “common” accepted concept of what most of the people considered Landscape photography, but similar elements with those included in the Rubbish photos.

I was wondering what object I can use. I have gone to a local Tiger shop and was looking around. Finally I bought 5 bath ducks. There were different combinations of colours. I bought the one with one yellow and 4 orange ducks. There is a playful, silly and fun element on these photos. (I am guessing I was looking also a little silly taking them 🙂 )