Researching for As.5: Looking at the work of other photographers

Any reproduction of photos is purely for no profit and educational reasons

In this post again I will do some research for As. 5

I will explore some of the artists/ photographers suggested by my tutor and do some research for artists whose work is related to my submitted work as suggested in the coursework notes. My tutor’s suggestions include also some artists who used mirrors in their work to explore as part of my As.  6.

Specifically my tutor suggested exploring:

  • the Claude Glass (a device once used by landscape painters)
  • Karen Grainger
  • Georges Rousse
  • Neomie Goudal
  • Danny Treacy

There is an interesting article about Claude Glass at PetaPixel

According to them “this small, blackened pocket mirror reduced the tonal values of whatever landscapes you pointed it at, while its convex shape simultaneously brought more of the scene into a single focal point.”

Alex McKay and historian CS Matheson have created a claude mirror installation by placing a webcam opposite a 40-inch Claude mirror that is reflecting the Tintern Abbey.

See below, three examples

In her project “Mirror Landscapes” Karen Grainger places mirrors outdoors and photograph them. The link to her project is

I really like how the mirror blends with the environment and I could not really tell if that is a mirror or I am seeing through a glass. You can see some examples below.

Another case where mirror are used (I have seen a photo of their work in instagram): Artist Kader Attia in their project “Holy Land” cut 45 mirrors in the shape of headstones and placed them along the dunes of the Canary Islands and along the pristine Tuscan countryside.


Looking to the work of Georges Rousse, it make me think that it is really interesting but I was wondering if that is something created digitally, or overlapping of some smaller painting etc. But actually as it is mentioned in the artist website they are art installations. More specifically, “Widely regarded as a pioneer in single-perspective art, Georges Rousse is known for working at the intersections of painting, architecture and photography, creating colorfully elaborate and ephemeral installations in abandoned or soon-to-be demolished buildings. From most vantage points, the installation looks fragmented and chaotic, but when photographed from a single perfect angle, perspective shifts and the full illusion of the unified work is revealed. This unique approach results in unforgettable exhibitions that compel viewers to reanalyze their own perceptions of space and reality.”

More specifically, we can see how different it looks from different perspectives in the following two photos

Also some other examples of his work I like

I think for the circular interruptions of Noémie Goudal my tutor refers at their series called “Southern Light Stations”. I think there is a similarity in the point of view between their work and my re-visit of the work with the mirrors.  Below three examples


I was aware of the work by Danny Treacy, but did not remember his “Grey Area” work. Actually, I did not notice that he painted these areas before photographic them. Without reading this I could think that they are images of similar tones and then digitally turned to black and white. Few examples below.


While searching for the above artists there were some really interesting and related images in the google image search.

The work my Felice Varini is really inspiring. Similar as a concept to the work by Georges Rousse (painting in buildings visually more accurately from a specific point of view)

James Turrell is is working with light and space. I found his work inspiring and kind of related to the previous post for abstract painting. However, in a different medium.

I really liked the work by Godon Matta Clark. He is famous for cutting and removing sections of buildings and then documented them. Although, there are not related directly to previous artists here, I think the patterns are interesting and inspiring.

Ben Hecht uses original paintings and then paints on the top of them.  BenHecht1

While searching this I found the work of Victoria Siemer, who digitally manipulates her landscapes and then flipping them in on themselves. I found her work interesting and inspiring again.

Carlos Barria took photos of the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Then returned after 10 years and took photos carrying the initial photos in the same locations.

Maksim Zavialov holds a photo taken with instant film and juxtaposed it on another photograph taken of the same location

In a different project, Eisen Bernardo placed and merging image covers in classical paintings


Another really interesting concept is the work by Fabian Schubert, who photographs painter Hank Schmidt in der Beek painting in nice locations the patterns of his T-shirts.

In the website

Users send photos, which are pictures of a picture from the past, taken in the present, and write a caption explaining the story.



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