Researching for As. 5: Abstract Paintings- Oil Pastel


Before start working for As. 5, I wanted to explore further the abstract paintings. I bought a couple of books but I found it more inspirational just to look at other abstract paintings.

I found a really good collection of art works in an application for android phones called Art-droid.

There you can look at artist by genre and hence I look at abstract artists. There are few hundreds and I tried to look at most of them. You can also save and create collections of your favourite paintings. I collected around 82 for reference. I will share and discuss few here (I try to choose some representatives of styles also).

Below are three paintings by Leon Berkowitz, what I really like on them is the smooth transitions between the colours and that is the reason these paintings are giving me a feeling of smoothness.

An opposite feeling bring the images by Huguette Arthur Bertrand. Instead of calmness those images give a feeling of panic or stress. The lines are not smooth but separate and kind of strong.

Luis Feito paintings below, although obviously abstract painting, they give me a feeling that something is happening, that there is an event happening in front of my eyes, but I cannot tell what is happening. It is like a boat in the middle of sea a very foggy and cloudy day or a fire with dense smoke.

Below are paintings by Johanness Itten, they have more geometrical elements than the previous ones and those elements in one of the paintings start shaping a figure.

More geometrical structures are in Piero Dorazio’s work.

The work of Alexander Liberman is also interesting. It has more simple elements thought.

In the work of Jock Macdonald, there are more clear objects/ elements in the paintings but they are mixed up in a random abstract structure. It is different than most of the previous paintings.

I like the simplicity and the texture of the work by Bram Bogart.

George Sary’s work seems that they follow a pattern as many of them are like a collection of stone shaped features.

Jean- Paul Riopelle’s work looks like they have too many things happening, also makes me wonder what was the state of mind of the painter when he was painting.

Joseph Marioni’s work due to their simplicity can raise discussions of the style “is this art?” but I think there is a difference between how creative is this process for the painter and what we see as viewers.

I also liked Mostafa Dashti’s work where again it feels like there is a hidden story telling.

Finally, again in the work of Josef Albers we can see some simple geometrical elements.

Furthermore, I explored few videos in youtube to learn or remind me how to use oil pastels.

I include a couple of them below


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