Resubmission of Assignment 3- Part 2 (includes a discussion on “photographic index”)

This is the second part where I reflect after tutor’s report for As. 3.

One of the tutor’s suggestions in the report for As. 3 was to engage with the ‘photographic index’ and to read Stephen Bull’s book Photography for a quick and foundational entry into the indexical nature of photography (p.13-16).

I read that and I understood the suggestion of my tutor. Follow some discussion/ thoughts on that (again, in normal text is key points or summary from the book, italics are my thoughts):

  • There is a discussion about how a photograph is a result of photons etc and the physics behind the process of the image creation. The photograph is a confirmation that the photographed object exists or did exist. I had two thoughts while reading this. The first one is, as a physicist, I confirm and understand that there is some science behind the image/ photo creation. That was even stronger with the chemical nature of the black and white or film/ plates photography. However, when I actually take a photo I never think as a physicist and I do not think that physics can help you take better photos. This is just a personal opinion, as I heard similar discussions in the past, how optics can help etc. The second thought, is given how powerful is photoshop and similar software I do not know if it still accurate to trust as real and existing whatever a photo depict. Of course someone can argue that we can trust the image if it is straight out of the camera or someone can say that what we see existed but maybe has been slightly altered.
  • There is a discussion about signs in the book. I think in my series the sign has two different meanings. The first one is the sigh itself, as an arrow which is showing direction and can mean anything, and can be used also in roads etc. The second is that for the pilgrims it is a confirmation that they are in the correct path, and also the signs represent the path itself.
  • Finally, due to the indexical nature of photography, also this series “speaks” and tell us that it is a part of the “camino”. Maybe it does not speak to everybody, but definitely speak to those who have walked it, or to those that have read about it.

In addition, I did the following updates in the blog posts further to my tutor’s comments

  • The following changes the below link

  • “History turns space into place” corrected after tutor’s comment
  • pages added in references as suggested by tutor


As suggested by my tutor I expanded a little on my selection project and explain the rejected images (link to the post below)


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