Transitions-13- Mirror Landscapes

My tutor in the report for As. 4 suggested that I should explore more the mirrors approach in the work for As. 6. I had to buy a new mirror as the one I had in the photos I took in Pamplona is somewhere in the Spanish Rubbish 😛 (among other things I could not take with me back to Greece). Also, the new mirror I bought, is around twice the size of the size of the previous one (I noticed while working with the smaller one that it might help if the mirror is slightly bigger).

My tutor suggested and I agree that the photos where the mirror is not so obvious is the ones which work better. Finally, we discussed with my tutor that as I am not in Pamplona any more is not possible to take the photos in the same location as the one I took all the previous photos for As. 6. This is not great but we cannot do something for that and it is better to explore this project than not doing it due to relocation.

The new area I took the photos is the seaside in Poseidi, Chalkidiki, Greece.

It was not so easy to start and find a point of view. But I think I really like the final result. I try to create as series of similar style photos.

The photos are bellow.



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