Exercise 5.5: Create a slideshow

For this exercise we have to create a slideshow using the photos we are taking for As. 5.

At this stage, in my second laptop I am using linux (at the moment I do not have my main laptop with me). For this reason I decided to play with a couple of video editing/ slideshow software. I found that the OpenShot Video Editor is a nice one for what we need here and easy to use. I had some issues with the software crashing but with patience I manged to do what I supposed to do. As in the previous posts for preparation of As. 5 I tried to keep also the slideshow simple. Not fancy transitions, than a simple fading. I also created in GIMP image editor (again in linux) a simple initial cover image and one final and also add an mp3 file for sound. I export the final video in high quality and then upload it in youtube.


I choose the music from http://freemusicarchive.org as suggested in the notes. I did not choose the sound randomly. I was looking for something instrumental, I found few songs I like and then just follow my instinct about which one is a better much for my series of photos. The track is called Denouement by Kai Engel.

I also viewed several slideshows as suggested, few comments (some similar as in previous post):

– sometimes feels really quiet without sound

– it is interesting when there is a slideshow with a narration or an interview, the contract between the static images and the flow of the discussion/ narration

– on the one hand, if the time is too long per image the viewers is start getting bored, on the other hand if it is too short the viewer does not have the time to digest the image.

Finally, we have to write a brief evaluation of our work, commenting on

how appropriate and effective we think this medium is for presenting our photographs.

Looking to the video and try to be critical with it is not always easy as I did the best of my abilities for the given exercise. However, I think it gives a different perspective and a nice flow compared to viewing it in a blog or as an album in a social media website. The only thing I am not so happy is how the sound stops at the end of the video as I cut it to avoid two minutes of black screen at the end. Maybe if I had more experience with sound editing programs I could have cut it in better places and kind of “fade out” it as the video was reaching the end. I do not know if that is the correct term but I hope that I make it clear. In summary, I am happy with the final result but I am not sure if I will consider this way to present it finally (possibly closer to the book format).


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