Exercise 5.4: Online exhibitions

For this exercise we have to read a post in the weareoca website and add a comment there. As a person I am not a great fun of taking part in forums etc at this stage so I will prefer to comment here. Also, somehow I feel more “free” to express my thoughts in my blog as it is my own space.

I think before watch the video/ slideshow, I want to write some thoughts. I think the main difference between visiting a Gallery and viewing online is that the visit is an Experience. This is connecting to the analysis and discussion we did for the White Cube. The experience and the feeling we have when visit an exhibition is not just viewing but full body and soul experience. I agree with the author of the article that the curator of the exhibition can really influence the way we see the presented work. Even the choices of colours, sizes, print quality can affect the final piece of art.

On the other hand, we cannot visit any exhibition in the world, so the online viewing make it accessible to most people. Hence, it is better to view it online, than not view it at all.

Also, I agree that when we visit an exhibition we can choose to spent more time in images we like and “ignore” those we do not. But can’t we do the same in online slideshow? Maybe it is not so easy when there is some discussion or interview in the sound, but if there is only music, maybe we can skip some parts, but it might be a little more “stressful” than in real world as we want to be sure not to miss a photograph. I just want to mention that maybe the allocated time for image should not be either too short and not too long. Somebody should not get bored looking to the photograph, but also the transitions should not be very fast, so we can digest all the information of the frame. I know that this is not an accurate comment, but I also think that different photographs need different time to be digested.

Viewing to the slideshow:

– Good quality work

– Although, I do not know if I will choose to add music/ sounds in possible slideshows I will prepare for my personal work, somehow this one feels really quiet

– Nice selection of interesting photos

– Quality-wise possibly new software can save the final slideshow in better quality (text not so sharp)

– Nice positioning of text. Good use of fonts etc

– I felt like the time in each photo could have been slightly shorter

– Also, I felt like 18 min is too long for one slideshow to watch

– Although different subjects in the different photos, there is a good blending/ matching. Photos do not stand out strongly

Finally, I think indeed we have both in real world and on line curators, galleries and exhibitions. In both of them, we can have good and bad ones. If it is a good curator, they do not change their taste and selection process, the only thing is changing is the available tools for presenting and organizing the galleries and exhibitions. The personal experience do not have to do with the selection process etc but the limitations/ advantages either the online or real world have themselves.


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