Exercise 5.3: Print-on-demand mock-up

For this exercise we have to experiment with a book design.

It is suggested to try Blurb website. I have used this to print one of the assignments for the assessment for my previous Level 2 course. I tried that time the software but I did not find it useful. I prepare my file as pdf and upload it Blurb and print. For this exercise, I will work again on preparing a pdf file for printing as book in Blurb. Another thing I do not like in the software of Blurb is that I do not have the full control on it (as mentioned in the notes of the course). In addition, in general I want to keep things really simple and hence do not need extra features that the software possibly could have.

The first thing I needed to check is the print sizes of the books in Blurb in order to prepare the files in Photoshop Elements.

The standard size for soft cover book is 10 x 8 inches.

First step is creating a 10 x 8 inches with 300 pixels/ inch resolution blank file in Photoshop Elements.

Open the file of the images of the self- directed project. Resize to 9 x 5,984 inches and resolution of 300 pixel/ inch. Then select all.

Copy, and paste to the blank file. Then flatten image. Then save the file as pdf. In JPEG compression and HIGH image quality. Then repeat for 4 more images. The final submission will have more images. I am just using less here, just for the sake of the exercise.

After that, I created a cover page. Again, I want to keep the things simple, so I just put a title in white in Black Background. I was looking for an interesting title. I am not sure if this is the one I will keep in the final submission. If yes, I will discuss a little more about it. For now, just assume that the title is only for the exercise. Also, I prepared a second page with information relevant to the assignment. That information is relevant, but I do not want to have them in the cover.

Then I merged all the files in one pdf.

I tried to upload but there was a note that I need a minimum of 22 pages. For this reason, I added extra blank pages at the end of the pdf file. While uploading I received a notification that it will resize the files. I do not know if it has to do that I create my files in inches and they measure in cm. I mean maybe the size on the website they are not the exact numbers etc. I need to write to them an e-mail, checking if my file is in a resolution that I will give a portfolio quality print, check about the dimensions and about the quality of the paper.

If I will do that I will update this post.

I checked the bookstore preview and I really happy with how it looks.

I just need to change the back cover but that is a detail for the final file when I will print.

Attached is the final pdf below



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