Visit to Thessaloniki Museum of Photography (9-2-17)

As I mentioned many times in my blogs for the OCA courses I always enjoy visiting the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography.

The current exhibition

26_photographers-siteImage from the above link

Is called “Another life: Human flows / Unknown Odysseys”. The exhibition is a collection of photos taken by professional and amateur photographers (full list of the photographers in the above link). They are related to the refugees who passed from Greece over the past few years.

According to the lady in the reception of the museum all the photos appeared in magazines and newspapers initially.

I visited the exhibition while researching for my essay on the Late/ Aftermath Photography. This made me think that although these photos are press photos, they are also photos of The Aftermath of an Aftermath. Or we can consider them so, when they stop being press photos. Maybe not intentionally by the photographers, but they can raise some discussions about the refugees crisis in a way similar to the War Late photographs.

The first aftermath is that they are leaving their country due to the war. The second is what is happening to them after the journey. Many of them did not die in the War but in the Mediterranean sea (if we see photos of them leaving their country, is the Aftermath of the war. Seeing photos of their dead bodies is the aftermath of their journey).

If you look in previous posts for visits to the Museum, after Iiving, I had a positive feeling or an excitement and inspiration. This was not the case after and during this visit.

I was feeling sad and a discomfort in my stomach. It was not pleasant to watch these images. One of the things I do not understand is the following. Assuming that some countries are welcoming refugees and need them to cover some job vacancies they have. I do not understand why those counties do not hire planes to countries that are closer to Syria and they are not war zones, and select people there for the job vacancies, and do not let them die on the way. But maybe, I am a silly or a dreamer I do not know.

I know though, that my country is not in the best financial situation, but still some people are trying to help the refugees.

Finally, I think that the exhibition change a little my point of view for this issue. I am looking to them more as humans now and not as a problem. But still, I think that there should be other ways to solve the problems. Either, totally block them from reaching Europe so they will not more die on the way, or transfer them safely.


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