Essay research (not used references)

In my research for the essay I also read the following references. Although they are interested and some related to the late photography I felt that their content did not fit in the essay.


Fahmy, S.  (2005) Photojournalists’ and Photo Editors’ Attitudes and Perceptions: The Visual Coverage of 9/11 and the Afghan War. Visual Communication Quarterly, 12 (3-4), pp. 146-163

Fessel, S. (2012) The Absence of Atrocity: Bart Michiels’s The Course of History Photographs,

History of Photography, 36 (3), pp. 315-325

Harris, J. , Edmonds J. (2015) Exploring grief with photography. Bereavement Care, 34 (2), pp. 76-80

Ibrahim, Y. (2015) Self-representation and the disaster event: self-imaging, morality and immortality, Journal of Media Practice, 16 (3),pp. 211-227

Kennedy, L. (2003) Remembering September 11: photography as cultural diplomacy. International Affairs ,79, (2), pp.315- 326

Launchbury,C., Tamraz, N., Célestin, R., DalMolin, E. (2014)War, Memory, Amnesia: Postwar Lebanon, Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, 18 (5), pp. 457-461

Orvell, M. (2006) After 9/11: Photography, the Destructive Sublime, and the Postmodern Archive. Michigan Quarterly Review, 45 (2), pp.239 – 256

Roberts, J.  (2009) Photography after the Photograph: Event, Archive, and the Non-Symbolic, Oxford Art Journal, 32 (2), pp. 281-298

Zylinska, J. (2016) Photography After the Human. Photographies, 9 (2), pp. 167-186


Links [all accessed on 04 March 2017],29307,2015340,00.html



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