Assignment Four: Critical review


For this Assignment we have write a 2000 essay in one of the areas of Landscape we encounter in this course. As mentioned in previous posts and with the agreement of my tutor I decided to work in my essay on Late Photography.

My work is not directly related with Late Photography, however some of the images especially of objects in Late Photography are similar in style to the final images of As. 6. We can also consider the images of rubbish as an “Aftermath” of some human activities (objects left behind after using them or forgotten after a meeting etc.)

I will initially submit my report to my tutor through the OCA website, attached to this report in both pdf (easier reading) and word formats (for possible comments).

After I will receive my tutor’s report I will plan to post in my blog both the 1st version and possible adaptations.

Also as required in the instructions my essay has 1984 words from page 1 to page 11 (excluding captions of the photos, no quotations has been used, no reference list from page 11 to 13 in the count).

I just want to mentioned that for the format of the essay (double space, paragraphs, cover page, etc), I “used” again suggestions from my previous tutor for the essay I wrote in my first level 2 photography course.

Finally, as you can see in my essay I have full list of the references. You can see extra references I read but not used as a part of my research for the essay at

Assignment 2

Resubmission and reflection after tutor’s report for As. 2. This is the second post.

Assignment 3

Resubmission after tutor’s comments. This is the first part, where I resubmit the photos. There will be a second post for the resubmission of As. 3, where I will make some comments related to the feedback of my tutor.

Assignment 5

The link to Ex. 4.6 which is the proposal for the self directed project for Assignment 5.

Transitions- Assignment 6

Tried to follow my tutor’s advice. These are the final images for the transitions project as I am not any more in Spain. I am happy how the project evolved from the initial to the final photos. I will discuss with my tutor after the submission of As. 5 how to choose the photos for As. 6


Visit to the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography


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