Exercise 4.6: Proposal for the self-directed project

For this exercise we have to write a project proposal for a self- directed project which will be submitted as Assignment 5.

The project brief

The main idea is to create few small abstract paintings on different materials with oil pastel  and/ or acrylics. Then photograph them outdoors, and try to create landscape photos in similar style of the photos created in previous assignments, with the personal voice that start evolving in the images of objects for As. 6. My main motivation is that I started a similar project 2 years ago, but due to personal circumstances I never finished it.  See examples below.

I never publish before these photos and I never reached the “targeted number” of photos. I think the personal photographic voice is more developed and clear than 2 years ago, and hence maybe it is better time to finally work on this idea. In addition, I believe it is a good development from the previous projects I worked as a part of the Landscape course, and I think it is important that now (as discussed in previous posts), I can consider this project not only fine art photography, but also Landscape photography.

Influences and research

I plan to research further the concepts of abstract painting, and try to explore similar photographic projects, where small paintings or other objects are photographed in a conceptual way.

Likely treatment

As mentioned above, I will try to photograph the paintings in a similar way that I photographed objects for As. 6. The main difference is that I will place the paintings in locations I want, as opposed to the “rubbish” that I never touch and try to photograph as found.

Potential outcome

Mainly presented online in my blogs etc


Possible cost for buying materials, books and travelling to locations. I will cover all the potential cost from my savings as it is also a personal course.

Estimated schedule

Different phases include: research abstract paintings, trials of paintings (have already worked partially on this), prepare the final paintings, choose locations, and take photos. I cannot really estimate the time I will need to finish this projects, as I am in a stage of unemployment/ job hunting/ relocation bad to Greece and possible relocation once I will find a job (hope to finish in 1 to 4 weeks from the starting day).

Below you can see two examples of paintings I prepare while in Spain with oil pastels. Unfortunately, the Spanish post office kept one of my boxes which included the box of oil pastels I used for these two (might buy a new one, as I have no idea if I will ever get this box back to Greece).


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