Exercise 4.5: Signifier – Signified

Any reproduction of photos is purely for no profit and educational reasons

For this exercise we have to find an advert which has some clearly identifiable signs. Then we have to list the signs and say which the signifiers are and what is signified.  I have to admit that it was not clear to me by reading the essay and the notes, so I did a little more research.





After reading the above and searching for adverts online I think it starts becoming clearer.

I did a goolge search for “best poster advertising posters” and look for images.

I think my favourite is the one attached below.



It was an advert for a running event to support those living with HIV.

I really like the concept and the way the symbols have been used here.

There are two signifiers here; the running shoe and the red shoelaces.

The running shoe signifies the action of running. The shoelace is red and placed in a way that signifies the HIV symbol. The HIV symbol (red ribbon) is the universal symbol of awareness and support for those living with HIV




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