As.2: Reflection on tutor´s comments-2 (resubmission)

Following to the previous post few months ago,

in this one I am reposting the photos for As. 2. I resubmit it based on the tutor’s comments in As. 2 tutor’s report.

My tutor suggested that I should replace some of the images trying to look for “little visual performances” and “ready- mades”.

I could not for many reasons revisit Olite to take new photos, so I looked back to those images I took during my visit there. In order to have a little more clear idea for what I am looking, I did an image google search for “readmade art” (see below)


And also, for reminding an image search for “richard wentworth photography” (see below).


Following to that I choose and replace most of the photos with new ones.

After that, I watched Patrick Keiller’s “Robinson In Space”. My understanding was that his narrative was kind of giving information like a tourist guide would do. So after watching the documentary, I looked at some leaflets I collected from the tourist information centre in Olite and try to select some text to make 12 “sentences” I can use below my photos.

In some of them, the narrative fits with the images, however that was not possible for all of them. I know that this is a weakness of the resubmission, however he have to consider that this has been done after shooting the photos. If I had these texts selected before my visit I would have taken photos that match better the narrative (I have not done that because my initial aim was to combine the photos with text which was more personal reflections than narrative).

Following to that I made some changes in the text. Looking to the others photographers who worked with text (see first part of resubmission and also tutors comments) I understood that I can make some changes and it would work better. In the meantime, I worked with texts for some personal projects and I noticed that a different font (Century Gothic) works better. I also moved the text more to the centre, and higher and remove the italic formatting.

Furthermore, I checked my text with a British friend for possible errors and I made the suggested corrections.

Below is the resubmission.

I think this is stronger than the first submission. The selected images are possibly reflecting more what my tutor suggested (not all of them, but they are the closest possible in my opinion). The text has more narrative compared to the previous one, which was more a personal reflection. Only weakness is that in some cases there is no perfect match between the two.  


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