Resubmission of Assignment 3-Part 1

In this post I am resubmitting the photos for As. 3, after the tutor’s report suggestions.

I re- shot the last 4 images in a cloudier day. After reshooting I understood the suggestion of my tutor. Not only the sky is more interesting, but also the light is more uniform, resulted in the absence of not wanted shadows. I like it when the light is uniform and diffused in cloudy days. I think as I “grow” as a photographer in UK I got used to it and in my opinion it works better in projects like these. I know that many people will not agree on that, but everyone has their own opinions.

Below you can see the resubmission (8 images as in the first submission, last 4 photos replaced by the new ones). In addition, my tutor made some comments for the layout. If this is the way I want the images to be seen. I did not consider that. The way I post the images, it was just for the sake of the blog, to look better here. For this reason, in this resubmission, I post them separately, as I want to be viewed as individuals, but as a part of the same story, and that they are connected contextually.  

There will be a second post for the resubmission of As. 3, where I will make some comments related to the feedback of my tutor.

(click on an image to start the full screen view- slideshow)




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