As my tutor suggested in the previous report I tried to look a little closer and to unnoticed places. For me that was behind and below the benches. To be honest, I was a little surprised with some of the “stories” the rubbish were telling, especially in the unnoticed places. Another thing that I like is even not intentionally, the rubbish is telling a story also about the seasons change and how the time is passing, which is one of the things we should try to capture in this final assignment for the Landscape course. From the leaves we can tell that it is autumn. Also, sometimes the rubbish themselves telling the story of the time of the year we are. I mean in the summer there were more ice-cream related objects and in the winter we can find more objects like gloves and umbrellas (not yet in the park but I know from previous personal projects and observations). These photos were taken over two visits on the park. I have walked a couple more times but they were so many leaves around with so many destructions that it was not so easy to notice the rubbish.


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