Exercise 4.3: A subjective voice

For this exercise we have to acknowledge and discuss about our subjective attitude towards landscape photography. As mentioned in earlier posts in this blog my previous understanding about what is Landscape photography was more that Landscape photos are images of nice landscapes, the subject of which were more related to what is depicted in traditional landscape paintings of famous painters of the 1400 and later. That is what you will find in school textbooks as landscapes etc.

In this course I had some initial discussions with my tutor about the photos of the rubbish I was and am taking and we decided that I will explore if these are Landscape images and what are the limits of Landscape photography. Furthermore, I was looking at Jesse Alexander’ s photo in the coursework (p. 125, also attached below) and I was wondering if this type of images are considered landscape photography.


I ask this question in the oca- student forum. It was the first time I participate in the student websites and I was surprised by the response.


Their responses were really encouraging for me. They actually “release” me from any restrictions I initially had and from trying to adjust my photography to fit to what I was considering as Landscape photography.

I can do my practise, which is noticing things around my and photograph things I found beautiful, and if those images give a feeling of space and place, they can be considered landscape photography. Also, when I was searching in google initially about Landscape photography, most of the advice was to use a wide lens, a tripod etc.

Again, I am using my 35 mm lens the one I Love !!! with no tripod which I do not like caring with me unless absolutely necessary and took images which seems like can fit in the Landscape genre. They are also not sharp, I like using small apertures and do not have all the parts of the image well focused. That is also not suggested in most of the websites for landscape photography, or what the camera does if you select the Landscape program. I am happy that my tutor was encouraging and supporting in that. I was afraid if I will end up with not Landscape images in a Landscape course but seems like it is working.

So in summary, my understanding for what is Landscape photography totally changed during this course. I can now consider myself also Landscape photographer. Maybe not a “traditional” one, but a Landscape photographer with my own point of view and taste. Seems like what I was practising before and trying to put it a genre, can also fit with the Landscape and not only in the Fine Art which is maybe even more complicated to be determined.

Finally, I do not have any political issue that concerns me in relation to Landscape. Considering that I am taking photos of rubbish we can say it is kind of a social issue, and issue about humans and society. Of course I find something beautiful in photographing rubbish. I like that people leave them there waiting for me to photograph them. However, it makes me really angry that people do not respect their place, their environment. I really do not understand why they cannot carry their rubbish for two more minutes and put them in the rubbish bin. But it is all Human!!!


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