Exercise 4.1: Critical review proposal

For this exercise we have to send to our tutor a proposal for the critical review which is the next assignment. At this stage we are not expected to submit a plan just discuss about the proposed subject etc.

As I mentioned in previous contact with my tutor and in the post about As. 3, my proposed subject is Late photography. I really enjoyed working for Exercise 3.3.

Also, while I was doing my initial research I found some really interesting images taken after natural disasters or terrors attacks, wars etc happen.

I have already collected some articles, websites etc which I need to read more carefully and possibly these will lead to more sources.

I will try to use what I learned in the first critical review I wrote as a part of my photography studies in the previous course (these include the structure of the essay and how it is presented). Although, there is no direct connection of the late photography with my photography practise, I want to have a better understanding of it and that will possibly influence my future practise.

 However, I think that we can say that there are elements of “Late Photography” in my “rubbish” work, as the rubbish is also remnants of humans’ activity.


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