Transitions-10: From Nothing to Something

In the previous report, my tutor suggested to post also in my blog how I am experimenting until I reach the final selected photos. I want in this post to share how most of the people will see an object- rubbish and how I will photograph it. It is my way of seeing the world around me. A photographic voice that is developed further during this course. Something I was not expecting when I started it.

Below you can see three examples of top views (most of passers-by will see) and then some more close up photos (this is how I visualise it when I pass by and then photographing it). I always like the feeling of the bokeh effect. This out of focus is not what we see around (unless we have problems with our eyes) it somehow separates the object- rubbish from the reality. It makes it special. From Nothing it becomes Something.


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