Preparation for As.3- First Selects

Adding up what mentioned in previous posts I started with around 240 snaps. I reduced them and edit 71 (post in day 1 to 4). Then I reduced them to 44 (deleting those I did not like). From those I selected the 34 photos I liked more. These are the first selects. From them I will select the 12 which express more what I want to show for As. 3.4

Update 24/06/2017

As tutor suggested, I am expanding a little in my selection process:

While walking each small part of the path, I had some initial thoughts (which changed as I was actually taking the photos), but mainly I wanted to take as many photos as possible and then sit down look at them and try to tell a story. The initially reduction was kind of easy as I just deleted all that were not technically correct or do not satisfy me visually. Then from the remaining ones, start deleting the odd ones out (those that do not help to tell a story) and then just kept my favourites ones, which were around 34. I think at this step it started becoming more difficult. Those are photos I like; they are in a style close to the developed photography voice (over the past few months) and were technically correct,  so the final question was to try to tell a coherent story.


Specifically, i will explain why I rejected the 22 out of the 34 photos (12 make it to the final selection).

1486: did not fit to the arrow story I am telling

1490, 1493, 1498: have similar but better photos

1499, 1510,1528, 1536, 1558, 1562: although I really like these metallic disks, and actually was my initial ideal to use them in the Assignment, they were not as visually appealing as I was hoping. I did not like the result

1572, 1581, 1585, 1748, 1755, 1763, 1794, 1810, 1835, 1838, 1845, 1847: happy with those one. Not that I did not like them etc, it is just that I have to reduce the number to 12 and the selected ones are those that I liked more.






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