Assignment Three: Spaces to places

Introduction: Assignment

For this Assignment we have to explore a Landscape which we believe that it has a kind of significance. As I explain in Ex. 3.5

I decided to explore parts of the Camino de Santiago which are close to Pamplona (the part which is passing through the town and around an hour walk before and after). I took the photos in 4 different days.

Introduction: Place and Space Theory

My tutor in the last assignment report suggested to research a little about Space/Place Theory while I am preparing As. 3. I tried to do some online research, to find articles and websites and also bought some books about Landscape and photography (with some discussions for place and space). After reading from different sources I understood that the place- space theory and the definition of them is much more complicated than I was expected [1]. I was getting lost in some of the articles without feeling like I can follow the discussion. I think, all the things I read can be summarised in one sentence of 5 words as appeared in Land Matters book “History turns space into place”. [2]

Space is more abstract, whereas place is more finite [3]. Space in a Landscape can be anything around us, the dimension within which matter is located [4], all the spatial elements like the trees, the parks, the roads. In space, these do not have any special meaning. By naming a space, we making it a place [2]. By naming our hometown, it is not anymore a space but it becomes the place we born, a special place for us. Space become meaningful through histories told [2]. Place is space with experience added in [5]

Furthermore, the same thing happens, when we photograph a space. Photography contributes to specify spaces as particular sorts of places [2].

Finally, what surprised me a little is that these terms, their definition, their relation, and the discussions that following are not limited in geography [4] or arts but also appear in religion [6], computer science [7], Land Art and ecology [5]

[1] Alexander, J. (2015) Perspectives on Place: Theory and Practice in Landscape Photography (Required Reading Range). Fairchild Books (Kindle), p. 178-181

[2] Wells, L. (2011) Land Matters: Landscape Photography, Culture and Identity (International Library of Cultural Studies). I.B.Tauris, (Kindle), p. 1-9, 19-29

[3] [Accessed 21 September 2016]

[4] Agnew, J. and Livingstone, D. (2011) Handbook of Geographical Knowledge. London: Sage, Chapter 23, p. 316- 330

[5] Moos, S. (2009) “Analyzing the Interconnectedness Between Space, Place, and Human Interaction with the Natural Environment:”Ecological Reawakening: Organic DNA and Evolution”. Scripps Senior Theses. p.16

[6] [Accessed 21 September 2016]

[7] Dourish, P. (2006) Re-Space-ing Place: “Place” and “Space” Ten Years On. CSCW ’06 Proceedings of the 2006 20th anniversary conference on Computer supported cooperative work, p. 299-308

Introduction: From Space to Place

The objective of this assignment is to engage with the question of how a space becomes a place. I think that this is happening with two ways in my assignment.

Even without the photos, while walking in the area, we can see the arrows, the symbols etc. It is not just a road; it is a part of a long path. History, contemporary pilgrims, tourism etc turned this space to a place. Furthermore, and as described above by photographing it I am specifying it as a part of the Camino de Santiago.



In addition to the research done in the theory of place and space I explored the work of other photographers by visiting several galleries over the past few weeks.

Furthermore, I also check the work and reflected on the work of photographers and artists my tutor suggested in the repost for As. 2.

Finally, in most of the exercises on the part 3 there are research and reflection elements as required by the coursework.



In a post in my blog I reduced the photos post during the 4 days to my first selects which are 34.

Then I selected the below 12 which are the submission for the Assignment 3. I think that those photos shown what I wanted to depict initially. How the space (a normal road in small town and close to it) becomes a place (a pilgrims path).

Assignment 2

As mentioned above in the research section I already posted a post with the reflection on my tutor’s comments. I need to post a second one, in which I will make some possible changes in text type and corrections in the actual text and possibly replace some photos. In addition, I found the documentary/ movie my tutor suggested and plan to reflect also on this with the second part.

Assignment 4

We agreed with my tutor that my essay will have as a subject the “Late Photography”. I already found some essays and articles for this subject.

Transitions- Assignment 6

There are few posts since the last assignment. I tried a little to experiment with new thoughts as the tutor suggested. As mentioned in the reflection for As. 2 tutor’s report maybe the photographers the tutor suggested are a little far from what I want to do for As. 6 but it inspired me to try few new concepts.

In this post I added some photos from the objects- rubbish. Some interesting photos I think. I like the results. That is a possible nice direction for the Assignment.

Trying a typological approach

Playing with a mirror, not that happy with the result.

A little silly- funny playful approach I enjoyed.

In this post I explain why I expand a little my zone

In this post, I discuss a little my way of seeing


At this point we have to reflect on how we are doing against the assessment criteria (I plan to submit my work for assessment)

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I think I use better my technical skills than improving them. That is also an improvement though! The observation skills has been developed, that is clear from day 1 to day 4. Practising helped me to adapt my initial ideas, and clarify what I want to achieve.

Quality of outcome

After the suggestion of my tutor I start sharing photos of other photographers when I am referring to their work. That, on the one hand makes the posts looks more beautiful and interesting, and on the other hand helps the reader. I still think that my blog is well organised in general and I try to improve or stick in a good practise (Still try to do my best for my enlish).

Demonstration of creativity

I think the personal voice develops further. Although there are different subjects in As. 2, As. 3 and As. 6 there is a personal voice in them or a common feeling. At least that is what I am feeling. There is some experimentation.


I am happy that visits to galleries have been added in the blog. I enjoyed visiting them! Also, I add in my research references some books and articles, which is suggested also by my tutor.



Updates 28/06/2017

  • “History turns space into place” corrected after tutor’s comment
  • pages added in references as suggested by tutor 

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