Preparation for As.3- Day 1 (20-08-2016)

Further to my tutor suggestion, I will try to give a little more details about my experimentation before submitting the final photos. I took them over 4 days. Not one after the other though.

My initial thought was to take photos of the metallic disks on the road that shows in parts of the path, the camino way. However, when I start taking the photos, I was not so satisfied with the result, not so good end result in most them and also I thought that they did not give as much sense of place as I wanted, and did not allow me to express the developing photographic voice as I wish. Apart from the metallic disks I was photographing also other symbols, and I really like more this idea after the first day. For the first day I started with around 80 snaps, but I decided after the initial rejection to edit the 19 attached.




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