Visit at Michael Hoppen Gallery in London (August 2016)

Any reproduction of photos is purely for no profit and educational reasons

I also visited the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London

At the time I visited, there were two exhibitions.

The first one was called PUNK

Some interesting character in those portraits.  This was “an exhibition of vintage press prints that document the rise of punk culture in 1970s Britain. Many of the prints included are suitably distressed, with an object quality and intensity that encapsulates the movement”

When I visited, actually I noticed that the quality of the prints was not great and some of them were damaged on the edges. I ask a person working there and they told me that it they used to be part of an archive and as many people were looking at them that is the reason there were damaged.

The second was with images take by Jacques-Henri Lartigue

I like one of his quotations which is mentioned on the above link

“I have never taken a picture for any other reason than that at that moment it made me happy to do so.” Jacques-Henri Lartigue

Is there any more important reason to be a photographer ?


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