Exercise 3.5: Local history

Any reproduction of photos is purely for no profit and educational reasons

As I am just few months living in Pamplona I wanted to learn a little more about the area. I usually, enjoy more asking locals or tourist information centres etc. The problem as I possibly mentioned before in my blog is that I do not speak Spanish and most of the people in Pamplona do not speak English (people who speak Greek can be counted in one hand :P).

So I did some research in the past about the area. Initially just to find the important things. If somebody tries to find information about events, local history or other details on the google the main thing appears is the San Fermin and the bulls running. It seems like the town lives all the year for these 10 days. I found interesting to see local labels giving information and are something like that “all the year is….San Fermin is..” I mean why they do not put temporary ones. There is a potential interest in taking photos related to the event, the bulls running and places like where the bulls stay or the killing of them. But that is not interesting for me. I even decided not to be in Pamplona when the event happened this year! Simply because I do not like the idea of the killing of the bulls or of the people running with them (I respect though that it is a local tradition) but I really hate crowds of drank people.

There is also something I really like and that is a part of Pamplona.

As you can see at

http://www.caminoadventures.com/cities-towns/pamplona/ (accessed on 22-9-2016)

Pamplona is the first major city on the pilgrims’ path of the Camino de Santiago. The Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage around 800 km and its history dates back to the middle ages.

http://www.turismo.navarra.es/eng/propuestas/camino-santiago/informacion-general-camino/Historia-camino.htm (accessed on 22-9-2016)

People in our days do it either walking or by bike.

They are not doing it only for religious reasons but also for sports, fun, the challenge and tourism. Actually, I took some photos of pilgrims as a part of personal project in which I have a chat with them and they were telling me some of the reasons they were doing it and they also were speaking for their experience.

You can see those photos at https://yetanotherhumansblog.wordpress.com/category/pilgrims/ (accessed on 22-9-2016)

For the Assignment 3, I decided to have as a subject the Camino. However, as the current course is in the area of Landscape I had to think of a way of photographing the path and also show how the space becomes a place. I decided to include some of the symbols related to the Camino in my photos. My point of view though, will be related to the photography voice that started developing in previous assignments and projects.

Below you can see some photos I downloaded after a quick google search for “camino de santiago symbols”. These are just for an initial feeling of where I am targeting. I want to include these symbols but with my point of view.


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