Visit exhibition of the “Environmental Photographer of the Year- 2016”

Any reproduction of photos is purely for no profit and educational reasons

In August I had to travel to London to do some experiment at Imperial College. As there was some time between the experiments I decided to visit some galleries/ museums.

Very close to the Imperial college is the Royal Geographical Society.

There it was featured an exhibition for the Environmental Photographer of the year 2016. There were some interesting photos there. Most of them telling a story, but give a sad feeling as they are related to the damage the humans have done in our planet.

A related article from Guardian (accessed on 03-09-2016)

It is sad to see the photo from Lesbos and it is related with the immigrants (Sandra Hoyn, Life Jackets on the Greek Island of Lesbos, 2016 ). This could have been a nice fine art- conceptual photo, have the “sea” of orange life jackets as opposed to the grey colours of the landscape and sky (not a typical Greek sky). These add more sad feeling in the images, if the image has been taken during a sunny nice day, it would have not had the same effect.

More photos you can see here (accessed on 03-09-2016)

Oksana Lefimenko, Water lilies, 2016 is another photo I remember. As I mentioned in this blog I like taking photos of rubbish. I think the special thing for this photo is the title. It makes you think them like lilies. Nice concept, sad story.

Another photo I appreciated is Larry Louie, Geothermal Energy, 2016. The chimneys on the left look so shiny (part of them), gives a feeling of perfection (nice quality of the images especially on the print) as opposed to the general feeling of the photo.



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