Visit exhibitions at Tabakalera- San Sebastian (23-07-2016)

Any reproduction of photos is purely for no profit and educational reasons

On the 23 of July I visited San Sebastian. It was a really rainy day and so I decided to try to visit some galleries etc as this is also good for my photography studies.

I visited the

Which is a cultural centre and also features some exhibitions.

There was a contemporary art exhibition, see the photo below, which was kind of an installation with pipes etc. To be honest I really do not get this art…but…


In another part there was a painting exhibition with painter from Basque country, some of them where really interesting.

I like the following painting by Elias Salaberria Inchaurrandieta. I like the scene and the activity taking place.

Elias Salaberria Inchaurrandieta

Then there a painting by Gonzalo Chillida, I like the simplicity and the tones in this landscape.

Gonzalo Chillida



There was a kind of abstract painting by Jose Antonio Sistiaga called “Naturaleza Crepuscular” I could not find an image online so below you can the photo I took, it is not great though (was not possible to take a better one). While looking at this painting I was wandering how something similar or this style in general can be produced photographically.

Jose Antonio Sistiaga


I had similar thoughts while looking at the work by Jose Luis Zumeta Etxeberria and Rafael Ruiz Balerdi. I also believe that it hard to understand why these artist paint the way they do. I do not know to be honest if it is important to understand the why, or just to appreciate them. I like them.

Jose Luis Zumeta Etxeberria





Also similar comments can apply to the work by Dario Villalba Florez.

Dario Villalba Florez



As it is some time since I visited this galleries and I had it in mind, I have noticed in facebook two links which can be possibly connected to the work of the above painters.

One possible was is by having slower shutter speeds.

The below photos have seen in and the photographer was not mentioned.

The second and I think more connected the work by Jose Antonio Sistiaga  there were some photographs of oil painting by Mike & Madeleine Bülow (seen at



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