Visit exhibitions at Ciudadela- Pamplona (22-07-2016)

Any reproduction of photos is purely for no profit and educational reasons

Close to my house as I might mention in the past there is a big park. In this park there are also some halls which host several exhibitions from time to time.

I visited them on the 22 of July. I should go actually and visit any new exhibition there as it is really close and there no excuse not to go.

The over comment is that the exhibitions are really well presented, good quality prints and interesting photographers/ artists featured.

  1. The first one I visited was some landscape photos by Inaki Larreal

You can see his work at

and his personal website

I attach three of the photos I have seen in the exhibition. I really like that although their simplicity they tell a story. There is only a single tree in them but it feels like it has some special importance. I like the use of black and white which somehow makes it more effective.


  1. The second exhibition was by Juan Manuel Diaz Burgos and it was called “Tropico De Cancer”

In all these photos the people have their eyes covered. I tried to ask some information in the exhibition but the people do not speak good English. There are some information at (in Spanish) and,0,c,0,m,0&r=AgP-32113-DETALLE_EVENTO

I tried to use google translate. It seems that he cover the eyes in order for people to notice more the culture and customs than the individuals themselves.  The website of the photographer is

  1. Finally, the third one was dedicated to Jesus Basiano who some local people told me that was a famous painter of Navarra (the county in which Pamplona is the capital).  The exhibition was for the 50 years of his death. What I noticed in this exhibition was how many different styles he practised throughout his life. He experimented a lot, and I do not know if that is a good or a bad thing. I mean, I really like to a piece of art by a specific artist and directly connected with him. I did not felt that for the work of Jesus Basiano. However, I do not mean that his work is not interesting.

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