Visit to the Erotic Museum of Barcelona (15/07/16)

On my return to Pamplona from Greece after my holidays I spent a couple of night in Barcelona. While there I thought if I can visit any gallery, museum etc.

I checked from my mobile and I found that there is a really interesting museum for contemporary art.

I visited just to find that on that day it was closed due to strike, which was really annoying. Then, I tried to check in my mobile if there is anything else close.

In google maps there were really good reviews for the Erotic Museum of Barcelona. So I decided to visit it. Apparently, it had a nice collection of reproduction of paintings. Also some old nude photos (photo 1), a statue which looked like Marilyn Monroe (photo 2), and some possibly disgusting sex records like the maximum semen drinker (photo 3).

Going back to the reproductions of great masters of paintings.

In Photo 4, there is painting by Gustave  Courbet, “The origin of the World (1866)), the details are really interesting. I remembered that there was a discussion for this painting on line. I ask the lady in the entrance and she told me that one girl post it in facebook and it resulted in blocking her account.

In Photo 5, there is a reproduction of Pablo Picasso’s “The Young Ladies of Avignon”, I remember reading for this in a book ( which is was a parallel biography of Einstein and Picasso and the author consider the contribution in culture and art of  this painting as important as it was the theory of relativity for science.

In Photos 6 and 7, there were some painting of Salvador Dali, who’s art I always appreciate.

To be honest I was not expecting the Museum to be so interesting.  

Also, there was a statue which was looking like Dali (photo 8). There were two girls I like their style and ask them if I can take their photos and they were happy to pose for me, you can see their story in my “Yet Another Humans Blog”.  

And finally, a bed with some of posters with sexual images (Photo 9).


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