Exercise 3.4: A persuasive image


1. For the first part of the exercise we have to find a set of landscape photographs that assert a particular ideological point of view. I thought to search for environmental related images and I found the following link with many photos that make me feel really sad.


(accessed on 11-08-2016)

I think the photographers here have done nothing more than capturing the shocking reality around them. We have been asked to describe how the photographer communicates the intended message. I think in all of them the message is so direct and clear that there is no need to analyze it in order for the viewer to understand. The text that comes with the photos gives more information for the location. We do not need any extra text to shock us further.  As a person and as a scientist I do not really listen when the environmentalist speak for the global warming because I think that earth has stages and periods with really warm and cold temperatures and that was before the humans appear and it will be after the end of humanity. However, these images are different, for what we can see in the photos WE the humans are responsible, I do not know if we can recover the situation but at least we can try to improve it. I do not know if these images will help, because we can easily forget about them after closing the above link, but again I think it is important that these images exist.

2. For the second part of the exercise we have to consider an issue that we feel strongly about and we have to design an image that will have a persuasive effect upon the viewer (we do not need actually to make the image, but mainly to generate ideas).

I will mainly describe my ideas and I will try to make you imagine how the image will look. The issue I feel strongly is the number of people we listen everyday that die in the news, and it just like a number for us, as long as they are not friends or family or as long as they are not close to the place we live. People die in war zones, from accidents, terror attacks, natural disasters etc. Our approach for this issue should change. The lives of people should matter. The recent violence in the United States gave birth to the message “Black Lives Matter”. Of course they do, but there is something more important. It is the message that “Humans Lives Matter”, no matter if they are black, white, yellow, red or brown.  So my suggested design for this image would be a collage of images of race attacks, terror attacks, wars, natural disasters etc. An overlapping of many small images, maybe the details might not be clear in the images but the viewer would be able to understand the message. On the top of these images would be a bold text with big letters saying: “Humans Lives Matter”


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