Exercise 3.1: Reflecting on the picturesque

For this exercise we have to reflect our own views on the picturesque. Again as English is not my first language I have not heard the term picturesque or if I heard did, I did not notice it and understand the meaning.

For this reason I started with some research on the term.



I have checked Oxford and Cambridge online dictionaries. Both related it to something visually attractive.

It is not an easy concept so I further explore the following links:






I find it interesting that picturesque is considered something between the beauty and the sublime. Picturesque is a view which worth to be in a picture.

For me picturesque is a landscape closer to what I consider traditional landscape painting, as opposed to contemporary landscape in photography which has some conceptual  elements. For example, it can be a calm and beautiful sea, or a countryside landscape which does not have objects created by humans.

My initial thoughts were that landscape photography is similar to a picturesque landscape. A landscape photo which is created to please the viewer, to be placed on the wall and make the viewer feel more relaxed and happy.

I think it is not so easy to say what an effective or successful landscape is. It depends on what a photographer wants to achieve. If they want to produce a picturesque image, it will be successful if the composition is not too bad and if it will be pleasant and relaxing to look at it when it is placed on our wall at home or viewed in any digital form etc. If the photographer wants to pass a message, for example to show the difference between poor and wealthy areas in a city, it will be successful if that message has been passed clearly and possibly in a creative way.

Note: All links were accessed on 20-07-2016



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