Assignment two: A journey


For this Assignment we have to produce a series of approximately 12 photos which are made on or explored the idea of a journey.


There are elements of research and reflections in most of the exercises in part two and also few posts only in research.

In this post I tried to explore further some of the photographers and artists mentioned in part two of the coursework.

Some practical research (taking photos)  which helped to starting developing a voice after the discussion with my tutor.

Some artists who explored the appropriation have been explored and researched as part of the coursework.

In exercise 2.5 I did some research in the use of text in art and photography and that helped me working for As. 2

Ex. 2.1, 2.3 and 2.6 also have elements of research and reflection.


Below are the final 12 photos for this Assignment. After my visit, I end up with an initial set of around 40 photos which you can see at my personal blog

  • How I interpreted this brief

For this assignment I decide to travel to a place I have not visited before. I was really open on exploring the place and did not have an exact plan of the type of photos that I wanted to take. I knew that I wanted to combine the photos with text. I wanted these texts to be a combination of observations and internal reflections, both on how I was feeling during the trip and the idea of travelling in general. I choose to go to Olite, a small town around an hour from Pamplona. People have told me that it is a nice place and decided to combine a small trip with the Assignment.  During my journey, I sit down and start reflecting on it at some point. In my return, I tried to combine somehow my reflections with the photos. I did not achieve that in all, but the match with the photos is not totally random.

  • Describe how my work relates to aspects of photography and visual culture addressed in Part Two.

My initial intention was to relate my work for this assignment with the use of “text in art” and my internal observations were related to Psychogeography. However, later I understood that it is also related to the road (small path in the town), walking in the city, travelling- exploring. In addition, we can say that there is a weak element of typology (well focused on the right or left side of the photo, similar point of view, use of standard lens)

  • Evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of my work, describing what you would have done differently or how you might develop this work further.

I am really happy with the images. I think there are some nice colours on them. I was not expecting to have such a good series of photos to be honest. In my arrival, initially I thought that it will not work at the end. It was a nice discovery journey and a slow development of my voice. I did not want to take photos similar to the views I saved from google maps in a previous exercise. I wanted to put in action the concepts we discuss with my tutor, the elements of experimenting and the addition of elements of meaning. Also, I think I explore the idea of travelling, both by actually travelling and visiting a new place but also by including in my photos images related to things a tourist will notice or buy. I could have been more strict in the typology part. In some of the photos in the links with the 40 images you can see objects repeated in the photos. These can be expanded in a series of photos as a part of a personal project but it will not work for this assignment, mainly as that series would not explore as well the journey concept. In addition, I think for my personal project using the text in photography would be really interesting. Mainly in more conceptual projects, where the image will work as a “vehicle” to express and explore some deeper issuers

  • Identify what technical choices you made to help communicate your ideas, and also references relevant artists and photographers who have influenced the creative direction of your project.

I use my 35 lens with small apertures which result in focusing well at one point or plane and leave the rest out of focus. That was what I was planning to do. And it is a part of the general experimentation on what is landscape and my point of view on that. I have not been influence by specific artists or photographers but I have been influenced in general by the extended research I did in the use of text in art and photography and also the artists  explored in this part (see my blog), maybe more related to the typology.

  • Explain my reasons for selecting particular views, and arriving at certain visual outcomes.

I wanted to explore the limits what is landscape, try to take some risks, reflect on the discussions with the tutor, and also the use of text- a concept I wanted to explore for years but was not motivated enough. Specifically, the type of photos I took, I wanted to be a little different on the standard tourist snaps, or the simplified views similar to what we can see on the google snaps I mentioned above, which are possibly related to what most of the people will took. Also, as the footpaths were really narrow I wanted to somehow use that fact and try to produce some (in my opinion) interesting photos.

Assignment 1

I rework and resubmit As. 1. I also reflect in some of the tutors comments- questions. I think that the resubmission is stronger than the initial submission. I will use these photos when I use sent my work for assessment.

Assignment 3

My initial thoughts are to explore the “views” the Pilgrims see when they pass through Pamplona. The photos should be landscape images taken with my personal point of view as it starts developing. This depends of course in the feedback of my tutor. If she says that I am in the correct direction, I try to improve and expand it. If not I will try to discuss with her any other possibilities.

Assignment 4

The first critical review I wrote for my photography studies was as a part of my previous course and it was related to Self- Portraiture. That was because of my interest in the subject and because I have a collection of books related to Self- Portraiture. Given that I am now for few months in Spain I cannot invest in buying books and also I do not know if I can find books in English in local libraries. That means that I have to restrict my research in online sources or digital books for my kindle. In addition, as my eyes become easily tired I know that I cannot spend as much time reading as I wish. These are few facts I want my tutor to know.

Subject- wise I think I am interested to explore a subject related to use of landscape as a self exploration. I have seen the following link

I think it is interesting but maybe the tutor can help with some guidance and then my initial research can tell me If I can find enough information to write a critical report.

Transitions- Assignment 6

Two posts since my last assignment. In one I just took photos in the night or when it was darker. In the second I tried to explore concepts discussed with my tutor. Depending on the feedback I will continue or not working in this direction.


Personal Projects

A link to photos taken not related to the coursework but possibly connected to the development of the voice and the exploration of what is landscape

I was going to a place people meet to speak in English in Pamplona and I have seen this mess. Most people would have ignored it. But I did not. I like it. I was feeling so free snapping around and ignoring all the people passing.




At this point we have to reflect on how we are doing against the assessment criteria (I plan to submit my work for assessment)

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I think my visual skills have been improved in this part of the course and this assignment. I have notice some interesting details, and there a development of a personal voice. Also I think I combine the text with the images in an interesting and technically correct way. I use the square format not randomly but having in mind the final printed image (If I print them as a photo book I can choose a square format, and easily adapt any other images from other assignment. If I had choose A4 or any other standard size, there might a problem as I noticed that the printed photo sizes are not the same in Spain and UK and I have no idea where I will be living in the time of the assessment)

Quality of outcome

I think the blog is well organised with the menu in the left helping the reader to easily browse and reach the exercise or assignment they want to look. Also I am trying to use tags to help further. I try to do my best to communicate my ideas. Sometimes, I know that my English is not perfect as it is not my first language but I am trying. (same in previous assignment, I am trying to add some more research and reflection in my coursework)

Demonstration of creativity

I think I improved on that. There is a personal voice. My tutor maybe can help and suggest if I am developing a personal voice or repeating myself (that is for the projects in As. 2, As 6 and Ex. 2.2). I also took some risks and experiment a little in As. 2, As. 6 and Ex. 2.2. I hope that all these are in the correct direction.


I am happy how this is progressing. I am happy that in some cases in the exercises I wrote a little longer than I should but I enjoy exploring those concepts and writing my thoughts.




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