Exercise 2.2: Explore a road

1.       This exercise has two parts. In the first part we have to make a short series of photos about a road near where we live. In this exercise we have to develop the observation skills that will be challenged in Assignment 2. The objective is to try to think about something familiar in a different way. I was returning home from working for photos for As. 6 and photos taken for personal projects, having in mind that in few days I have to work for this exercise. I was planning to take photos from a road which is around a park close to my new flat. While walking to this other road I start “seeing” photos around me. Initially I ignore it, but then I understood that I am in a creative mood and decide to finally work for this exercise.  I was more open to seeing things around me. It was a road I was walking from my previous flat to the place a colleague from work collects me to drive me to work. I was never expecting that this place can give me such interesting photos. I was also surprised that I took all this photos in less than 20 minutes. The road I took the photos is Av. de la Baja Navarra, Pamplona, Spain. I had some discussions with my tutor after Assignment 1 and share some of my thoughts. We decided that during this course I will try to express myself, sometimes close to the limits of what is landscape photography and also explore these limits. I will also try to add some layers of meaning and elements of experimental work in my photography. In this exercise and working for assignment 6 will be a starting point which I plan to further discuss with my tutor while or before working for my next assignment.  I think in this series images of particular interest are Photo 6, Photo 8, Photo 9, Photo 10 and Photo 12. I find that there is a storytelling in them.

2.       In the second part of this exercise we have to watch one of the “road movies” mentioned in this section of the course and write a short review on how the road features within the film’s narrative.  I have watched “The Road to Perdition” (2002) directed by Sam Mendes. I have to admit that in the first part I was feeling kind of bored but I like it at the end. I have never watched this movie before. There are several scenes that took part on the road in this movie including: Trips of the main character between different places, killing on the road, entrance of the photographer/ killer to the crime scene, child biking, driving lessons of the child, driving between the banks, waiting in the restaurant (some shooting there), driving back of the child etc.  Some powerful images, good director of photography in the image. It is effective the movement of the camera and the low aperture. The use of lighting in many cases matches well the expressed feeling.  In addition, element of fog, rain, night, lighting shadows and reflections used to make all these more effective. The use of the road in the movie it does not only show only the transition of the characters from one place to the other when they travel with car but also shows to us how the characters feel during this trips and what that means to them. This makes the movie more interesting.


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