Looking at the work of other photographers (on-line research)

At this part I researched in Google for famous or best Landscape photographers. I found some links which I want to research further.

Here is the first one

http://capturethemoment.pics/world/famous-landscape-photographers-2015/  (accessed 14/03/16)

Some of these are over retouched for my taste. It feels strange for me to say that as I was mainly having this feeling for portraits, but seems like I also like not so retouched photos also in Landscape.

I like photo 4 by Todd and Sarah Sisson http://www.sisson.co.nz (accessed 14/03/16)

Some really impressive seaside landscapes with nice lighting from the Dunedin area.

I also liked photo 5 by William Lau, but when I have looked to his 500px profile, some are nice but again too much editing for my taste.

Also photo 7 by Alex Noriega is nice. Looking to his personal favourites in his website http://www.alexnoriegaphotography.com/Portfolio/Favorites/  (accessed 14/03/16)

I like the simplicity of his photos, although they looked retouched I still like them, good quality images which give us a feeling of peaceful. It allows us to appreciate the beauty of the landscape.

Similar comments for photo 12 by Artur Stanisz http://www.arturstanisz.com/  (accessed 14/03/16).

In another link http://www.topteny.com/top-10-best-landscape-photographers-in-the-world/ (accessed 14/03/16).


There are the claims to have the top 10 Landscape photographers.

Starting with Max Rive http://www.maxrivephotography.com/ (accessed 14/03/16)


Many of them are impressive, looking like they are from a different world. I do not know If I like him standing as a small figure, makes me a little scared.

Then the work by Kilian Schönberger  http://kilianschoenberger.de/ (accessed 14/03/16)

Different style compared to the previous ones. Different post production and different colours. Nice and interesting locations. They also give me a feeling of peace but also a loneliness.

Some nice landscapes also by Vincent Favre http://www.cristaldegivre.com/ (accessed 14/03/16).


Then the work by Lars van de Goor http://larsvandegoor.com/ (accessed 15/03/16).


Really impressive how professionally organised is his website. In his work from forests and trees I liked how well the photos work together as series. Also he is good in noticing some details.  Here I like the postproduction. Although it is strong in some cases, it gives the photos a painting feeling and not a not realistic which I do not like sometimes. Also, I like the colours in the Landscape and other gallery.


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