Assignment One: Beauty and the Sublime


For this assignment we have to produce a series of 6-12 photographs than convey our interpretation of beauty and/ or sublime within the context of landscape.  The photos should complement one another and attempt to function as a cohesive series


I started during this part of the course my research in the Landscape. I looked in the work of some painters and photographers in Ex. 1.3, 1.9 (there is an error message below some links, however the links work, I do not know why wordpress shows this error message).

Also I researched some photographers my tutor suggested

And some photographers I found links to their websites/ work in the social media I follow/ use

Finally, I tried to google searched to looked for the best Landscape photographers

It is really interesting what I noticed. In the work of the “best photographer” most of the photos have heavy post-production and editing. Although they have nice locations. On the other hand, this does not happen in the photographers my tutor suggested. Their work have more a conceptual base. I think I am more interested in the work of the photographers the tutor suggested (maybe need to try to find different key word in the next google search). As I mentioned in the relevant post the work of Leris Baltz is a work I want to explore further and I do not know if something inspired by that can be used in the next parts of the course.


Below are the 12 Photos for this assignment. All of them are taken in Pamplona, Spain.


How I interpreted this brief

Although the idea of beauty sound familiar and easy, it was not so easy to take landscape images which convey my own interpretation of beauty. When I started I tried to take beautiful photos, but those were more close to Photo 2 and Photos 7 (Ex. 1.7) which my tutor suggest that are not so interesting. I tried to work more in the same concept of photos 9-11 (Ex. 1.7).


In this case I did not tried to photograph something beautiful, I just felt like I enjoy what I am looking and then photograph it. This happen initially when I was walking around without having my camera or thinking of my photography projects.  The submitted photos are related to photos 9-11 (Ex. 1.7), but concentrated more in the nature than the urban element. Also there is a different use of lens which I will explain below.

The idea of sublime was not clear to me initially. Initial web searches or discussions with a British friend make me think of something of extreme beauty. That makes me think that my photos will only show the beauty and not the sublime. However, further researching and reading for Ex. 6 made me understand that sublime is a feeling and that is more personal possibly, than the beauty.

For this reason, I can say that may photos convey not only the idea of beauty but also the idea of sublime as I felt like that while I was looking at the location I took the photos (even before taking the actual photos or considering taking them).  Just a final though, I forgot about Ex.1. However, later I found there is a similarity between this sketch and the final photos for As.1 which kind of surprised me as I did not expect it or did it on purpose.

How my work relates to the aspects of photography and visual culture addressed in Part one. Artists and photographers who influence the creative direction of this project

My work has been influenced by some of the painters and photographers I researched for part one. Especially the research done in Ex. 1.3. I inspired by the paintings of Joseph Mallord William Turner and Frederic Edwin Church. Also as I mentioned at the end of this post for Ex. 1.3 photo 11 of the was something close to what I wanted to achieve. Sometimes looking at other photographers work allows us to be more objective than looking at our work. We can be more objective for our work only after months or years since we have taken them and when we were not connected so much with it.

Evaluation of the strength and weaknesses of my work

One of the strength of my work is that the photos work together as a series. The colours tones are similar. I think and hope that also they are technically correct (see below). One of the weaknesses is that the elements of sky/ lighting are not so present as I wish. However, I tried to visit this location several times and these photos were the best I managed to take. For the future and for my personal projects, after working for this assignment and course in general I will appreciate more the natural beauty and try to explore more the elements of sky and lighting, also try to explore the element of fog and how that affects the mood in the image (inspired by looking at the work of landscape photographers as described in the research section).

Identify what technical choices I made to help communicate my ideas

I start using my 18-55 mm lens which was the standard lens with my previous camera. While researching online I found that a wide lens is better for landscape and also that I should use a tripod (that is mainly as using small apertures I will need longer exposure times). I took some photos with these technical choices but when I open the photos in my computer I was not as satisfied as looking at the photos in the camera display. Rejected Photo 1 was my favourite, but while editing it I was so unhappy with the quality of it that I decided not to include to the submitted ones. When I zoom to 100 per cent I cannot see as many details as I wish and I do not think that when printed that the photos would look good. I also tried to explore further the ideas suggested from the tutor, rejected 2 and 3, but still I was not so satisfied. On the contrary when I switch to my 55- 200 mm lens I was more satisfied with the quality of the images and that is the reason I include that fact in the strengths of the submission. While working with this lens I did not use a tripod. That did not affect the quality of the images. It was not easy or safe to use a tripod in the location I was as I was standing in a road with no pavement. I knew it was not the safest location but it was the best location I think for this assignment.

Reasons for selecting particular views, and arriving at certain visual outcomes

I selected to use these views after my initial trials as described in As. 1.7, the discussions with my tutor and the influence of other photographers/ painters. Also I rejected photos like the Rejected 2 and 3, as I thought that they did not match with the selected photos. Hence, one element in my final selection was the coherence of the work.


Finally, before sending the work to our tutor we have to reflect on how we are doing against the assessment criteria which are listed at the start of this course. I think I improved a lot in my first course of Level 2 as opposed to the last course of Level 1 (this is my second course in level 2). I will try to put all this good knowledge in practise.

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I choose to select better quality images and submit those, although I like the composition in rejected photo 1. That was not easy. If I share online a photo like this, not so many people will notice that it is not technically correct. If the size is small, some people will assume that happen because of the compression of the online site, but for submitting the photo as a part of my photography studies I thought that it was not the best idea.

Quality of outcome

I think the blog is well organised with the menu in the left helping the reader to easily browse and reach the exercise or assignment they want to look. Also I am trying to use tags to help further. I try to do my best to communicate my ideas. Sometimes, I know that my English is not perfect as it is not my first language but I am trying.

Demonstration of creativity

There is some experimentation as I tried different lenses to achieve the best result. Find out that even for As. 6 it is better to use my 35 lens instead of my 18-55 which I was considering initially better for this type of photography. It is early for the development of a personal voice in the landscape as it was not part of my photography practise, but there is a developing of a personal voice in looking to other photographers and deciding what I like and enjoy in their work.


I think there is a good start in research. There are many other links I saved and want to share and discuss but there is the limitation of time to sit down and actually do it.

Transitions- Assignment 6

I have two posts for the transitions project. I am happy how it is progressing. I changed the initial point of view (better background). Also switch to my 35 mm lens. I think the quality of the photos is much better.




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