Looking at the work of other photographers (20/03/16)

In this post I will share and comment in some of the link and photos I have seen online in pages I follow etc. I will concentrate mainly in posts related to landscape.  (All links accessed on 20/03/16)

(please note the facebook or other sites links I just copy paste them and wordpress shows also the images)

I have seen some really nice landscapes in twitter and facebook accounts of Metoffice (UK)




In this one, effective use of sky and lighting.

Another image in the twitter account of The New York Times


Also some nice images from BBC Britain

I have seen this photo in facebook but it was from instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BCaKWp8rPSn/

Justine Kurland


The first image is a nice landscape image. It is not just the image here there is story behind it. I looked more of her work and I found this slideshow. Nice landscapes. Nice interactions between the naked body/ bodies and beautiful lands. http://www.miandn.com/artists/justine-kurland/works/1/

David Ward

I have seen this one in twitter

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CbkJc1CUMAAEXft.jpg and then look at this website.

Really nice Landscape photos in his website http://www.into-the-light.com

Good quality images, nice use of colour and lighting. Also some nice abstract photos.


I think some of them are really beautiful. The featured image and photos 8 and 9 are close to what I wanted to achieve.

Alexandra Uhart


I liked her work. She shows the “permanent damage caused by human engagement with the environment.” I like her point of view and composition.

http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-35227268 This is an article about some cabins around the world. However, some of the photos featured are nice landscape photos. Nice colours and compositions.

Caleb Cain Marcus


I like his work. Although these photos are covered with fog and the details cover a smaller part they are really interesting. The animals or humans are small figures. Nice work. Also the colours are kind of warmer or brownish.

Anna Filipova


The photographer here documents the current situation in an isolated island. She does not only use portrait or close abstract but also landscapes. The black and white is more effective. Nice work


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