Exercise 1.9: Visual research and analysis – social contrasts


For this exercise we have to find photographs depicting two different perspectives of the same place.

I remember a series of photos depicting the difficult moments in Athens,  Greece. So I start looking for this project.

I found an article https://news.vice.com/article/in-photos-four-years-of-greeces-great-depression

(accessed 10/03/16)

and also the main webpage of the project is


(accessed 10/03/16)

Then I was start looking for photos depicting the opposite.

While researching for this types of photos, I found an area called Plaka in Athens.

I remembered that I liked some of the photos of this area and I was looking for something similar.

I found some wedding shootings in this area.


(accessed 10/03/16)

Priscila & Chris. A photoshooting in Plaka, Athens.Greece.

(accessed 10/03/16)

These are mainly portraits but some showing also the use of the space.

Then I found http://athensphototour.com/top-10-things-athens/

(accessed 10/03/16)

Some landscapes with more positive feeling than those of the depression era. There is a photo from Plaka and it is similar to what I had in my mind. There we can see people be happy in a beautiful environment far from the depressive moments due to the financial crisis.

I keep researching to find more a landscape photo showing a more luxury way of life in Greece of Crisis.

I found this link http://news.gtp.gr/2015/06/01/luxury-and-the-city-athens-hotels/

(accessed 10/03/16)

My favourite is from Hotel Grande Bretagne. Nice composition, nice photo of a table and in the background the Acropolis.

In the second part of this we have to look for a photo where social  contrast is present in the same image. I remember seeing photos with a strong social contrast in favelas.

I found two links  for the same photo, but in the links it is mentioned that it in different places. I do not know which one is the correct, but in this case it is more important what we can see and not the exact location. The limit between separates the poor from the wealthy ones.

The links are:


(accessed 10/03/16)

The Great Food Divide Between Wealthy and Poor

(accessed 10/03/16)

Two more photos with similar subject but from different areas.


(accessed 10/03/16)

The Two India Reality: Obscene Wealth, Grinding Poverty

(accessed 10/03/16)

They are interesting photos, giving me a feeling of sadness.





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