Exercise 1.7: Assignment preparation

At this point we have to contact our tutor with thoughts and ideas about the first assignment.

I did that early in the course to share some thoughts with my tutor, as landscape is not my strong point or it is not a part of my personal photographic practise.

In this initial contact I sent the 11 photos attached. (photo 1 was for feedback for As. 6).

The tutor found more interesting photos 5,6 9, 10 and 11. These have two different approaches. One is 5 and 6 and the other 9,10 and 11. One of these can be expanded to a series of 6 to 11 images.

I decided to work more towards the 9-11 style but while a little different approach. In the photos my tutor do not like, I was trying to make a different images, whereas in the photos my tutor like more I was snapping what I was feeling that it is interesting.


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