Exercise 1.5: Visualising Assignment six: Transitions

For this exercise we will begin to work on Assignment six, where we have to show the transitions in a Landscape.

We have to choose a location which is not far from where we live and we can visit it frequently during the duration of the course. I choose a part which is not far from home and I really liked as a location the first time I show it. I do not know if I will be able to visit it until the end of the duration of the course as simply I do not know if I will be in this town/ country until the end of the course given that I have a temporary contract and might relocate before the end of it, but I will do my best as long as I will be around.

I think this location will change during different times of the year. More busy in warmer weather, less busy in the winter. Weather conditions will make it look different. Different light conditions, including artificial lighting, different during the time of the day. Also the reflections of water will make the photo more interesting. In addition, in the photos I am taking now the fountain is not open, so hopefully in the spring this will make the photos more interesting. I already took some photos from this place. In these I did not try to copy each time the same point of view and framing. I will check if that is in the correct directions and depending on my tutor’s feedback I will continue working in this location.

I did not have a “plan B” yet as I did not find any as interesting location as this, but again I will see what my tutor suggests, and if she thinks that I have to go for a plan B I will do so.


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