Exercise 1.4: What is a photographer?

For this Exercise we have to read an essay by Marius De Zayas about the difference between photography and artistic photography (I used the second link in the notes).

According to De Zayas, photography itself is not art, but it can be used to create Art.
Pure photography, has a more scientific approach in the depiction of object. It uses a technique to objectively with no emotional approach visually record the object.
In Artistic Photography, the Artist- Photographer, expresses his personal emotions/ thoughts using photography as his art.
The Artist, use nature to express his emotions, the Scientist try to document the real conditions of nature.
My opinion is that there is still a difference between Fine Art Photography and other types of photography. I will not purely limit this difference between the Artistic and the Scientific genres. Photography evolved a lot since the time this article was written. I will separate Fine Art (artistic photography) and Photojournalism, Landscapes in which although they can be really beautiful and possibly artist but without any emotional expression and everyday- social network targeting portraits. We can possibly add more types of photography in the second, but that is a general idea of what I have in mind. I think this is still an open issue but I do not know if they are still questions of facts. For me these are separate issues, I know when I am expressing an emotion in my photo and when I just document something. This is possibly not so clear in photographers who do not express emotions in their photos. For them possibly, the technically correct and/ or photoshop altered with instagram inspired filters can be considered art.
As practitioner myself, I am happy that I produced a series of photos that I considered Fine Art. Those have a kind of therapeutic effect on me. They helped me to move on. In the past, I was more concerned what other people think for them. Now, I know that it is not so easy to create this type of photo series without inspiration or emotions that needed to be expressed. I care more about being in a state of creation than seeking for likes and approach (although I will post them etc).
This type of photography is different from the times I will take portraits of random people or document an event or take a newsworthy photo. 


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