This is my blog for the Open College of the Arts, UK Photography 2: Landscape Course.

If you asked me few months ago, when I was still working in my previous course, I would have told you that for sure I will not do the Landscape course next and that I was debating between the social documentary and gesture and meaning. However, I found a job in Spain where I do not speak the language and most of the people do not speak English, so a course which requires interactions with people and deep discussions was not possible or so easy.

Also, I kind of like some of the locations around and thought that it might be a good idea to explore further the Landscape genre as it is important part of photography and it would be good idea to make it part of my BA degree.

I know that it not my favourite part of photography, so I do not know how good I will be, and also there is the limitation that I do not drive and the place I am living has not so good transport network, but I will do my best :), and try to enjoy it 🙂




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